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Fare-the-well Prof. Wangari maathai

It was in the midst of my early breakfast meditation that i heard from a distance news of a death with a Maathai named linked to it. I was curoius enough to adjust my radio volume to atleast grasp the repeat of the bulletin. Thats when it struck me like thunder storm……..PROF. WANGARI MAATHAI IS DEAD. It seemed like a dream but too long for my conviction. The news disillusioned me as according to me there are great people who seem to be immortal and Prof. was one of them. Tears bravely held themselves inwardly as there was no need to cry but rather celebrate because her life was worth every ounch of celebration. She had single handedly struggled and tried to drive sense into our unconservative thick headed brains. I credit her for enabling us and our next generations a chance to have a look at the green pedestal of Nairobi- ”Uhuru Park” ……………………………….

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