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Fashion in Nairobi,Kenya

I have always had this inner great passion for fashion. Although its something I discovered at a way late stage of my life. My disgrace is that most fashion shows around Africa and specifically in my case,Kenya,happen without much sensitisation of the masses who are potential buyers. It’s high time we moved from such selfish, descriminatory ways and make fashion our way of life.



what’s with these hurricanes having feminine names: Katrina, Irene etc

Looks like Animation is infiltrating into more advertising than before

From the look of things; animation, motion graphics and the likes are penetrating the advertising world at a much greater speed than expected. From my perspective its all due to the newness and freshness of ideas that come with it. It beats logic to see ”old-age” designers trying to fight the new trend. I think they have fear of being rendered redundant and thus the only salvage is to fight it to at least have a good retirement package………………but ooops Pa it wont work as change is inevitable.

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